Wednesday, May 1, 2024
4:00 p.m. CDT

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  • Received a presentation from Elections and Voter Services on the topic of moving municipal elections to even-numbered years.
  • Set a public hearing on the topic of moving municipal elections to even-numbered years, for the week of May 20th. They also discussed the possibility of keeping the written comment period open after the hearing, and possibly holding a second hearing.
  • Received a petition for an amendment to the city charter, filed by the coalition group Minneapolis for Community Control of Police to be placed on the 2024 ballot, that seeks to create a 13 member elected body, the Civilian Police Accountability Commission.
    • The Clerk’s office has 10 days to process and verify the 10,000 signatures gathered for the petition. If there are not enough valid signatures for the petition to proceed, the petitioners have 10 days to correct the issues. They need 8,943 valid voter signatures.
    • Organizers say that because this body would be elected, rather than appointed, limits on police accountability boards in state law wouldn’t apply. The commission described in the petition would have more powers than the city’s current appointed Community Commission on Police Oversight. Read more about this here.


By Emily Christensen 5/1/2024
By Jackie Renzetti 5/1/2024

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Minneapolis Charter Commission

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The Charter Commission is responsible for coordinating the processes for amending the City Charter.


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