Minneapolis Board of Education

Minneapolis Board of Education

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
5:30 p.m. CDT

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  • The board approved the three contracts with the teachers union, the support professionals union and the adult education teachers for the 2023-25 school years. In addition, as per the teachers’ contract negotiations, the district passed two additional resolutions on the school calendar, making the school day the same length, ten minutes longer, at all schools, and shortening the school year by three days.
  • The board also had a first reading on a new school policy on gender inclusion. The policy deals with bathrooms, sports teams, and other policies.
  • The board created an Anishinabe Academy Facility Advisory Committee with the intention of finding a new home, a separate building, for the academy. At the present time, the academy shares space with another public school. Much of the public comment at the beginning of the board meeting centered around the need for the academy to have its own building.


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By Jackie Renzetti 5/14/2024
By Jackie Renzetti 5/14/2024

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Minneapolis Board of Education

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The Minneapolis Board of Education, or School Board, is the elected body responsible for governing finances and policies, establishing and monitoring the strategic direction and goals, and hiring and evaluating the district’s superintendent, who serves as the district’s chief executive.

The School Board is comprised of nine directors, elected by Minneapolis voters, and two student representatives who are appointed. The superintendent also serves as an ex-officio member of the board. Board members serve four-year terms, beginning in January after being elected in November. Each year in January, the school board selects its leadership, which includes a chair, vice-chair, clerk, and treasurer.


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